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Common Questions


Can you really help me with my problems?

It is unethical to guarantee positive outcomes, but the overwhelming majority of my clients say that they have had amazing results with me and that I have either met or often times exceeded their expectations.


How do I know when I need professional help?

Some people seek help as they reach the “ends of their rope” and don’t know where else to turn. Others seek therapy just because they desire a more meaningful life, while others simply seek extra support during tough times.


What kind of counseling services do I or my family need?

I can help you determine which therapy service will best fit your needs. Everyone’s situation is different and I can help guide in you in the right direction.


What should I look for in a counselor?

Good counselors are non-judgmental and help you feel comfortable when revealing embarrassing or scary information about yourself. Yet, they gently confront you on tough issues and most importantly, they know when to bring them up. Overall, your instincts should tell you that you have a good fit. If you feel like something is not quite right, bring it up to your therapist and see how they respond. If they respond with grace and maturity, keep going, if not then it might be time for you to consider seeing another therapist. The ultimate decision in selecting a counselor is in your control.


How often should I come in for counseling sessions?

Normally, I schedule appointments once a week with my clients. There are occasions when issues came up that are serious enough to warrant twice a week sessions or more.


How long do I need to be in counseling?

There is not set answer, but generally speaking, it is time to stop when you have gained adequate relief from the problems you are facing and the probability of the symptoms returning are significantly reduced. Nonetheless, the ultimate decision is up to you. I can give you my professional recommendation and the reasons behind either stopping or continuing in your therapy, but in the end you have the final say.




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