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My approach to helping people is highly tailored to who you are as a person. I take many contextual factors into consideration like your personality, gender, values, age, goals, family background, race and preferences in order to provide reliable feedback to your problems. I do not lecture you, but I ask questions to help you pull out the important aspects of your life in ways that connect to your goals. (If your counselor talks too much, is he/she really getting to know you?)


Since every person is unique and special, I have to wait and carefully listen to the details of your life before I can give any concrete ideas of what you might experience or learn. However, below are the common themes I have observed that help my clients overcome killers of joy and fulfillment.


  • Confront problems rather than run away from them: Consistent patterns of running away from your problems allow the problem to control you, rather than you taking control over it. Your healing process begins by confronting your emotional wounds and sharing the broken parts of yourself with others. By sharing these things, you actually create an opportunity to receive peaceful comfort in the most painful areas of your life. Instead of living in quiet misery, people often say “they feel lighter”, “feel refreshed and rejuvenated”. As a client once said “When I hide the broken parts of my life, it makes it unreachable to the love of others”.

  • Maybe you’ve shared your personal struggles and it backfired: Instead of getting support, you felt rejection and the pain was intensified. There is actually a right way and a wrong way to express yourself. If you express your hurts incorrectly, it can actually hurt you more than help you. I can show you the difference between your primary and secondary emotions and teach you how to communicate in a way that gets the response you need to begin the healing process. In a sense you are making yourself more connectable, by expressing what you fear may alienate you in a way that’s desirable.

  • “Bullet Proof Your Emotional Life”: As you continue to experience a sense of refreshment when discussing your deepest pain, this brings forth not only a sense of relief, but a building of confidence. If you can gain confidence in the most troublesome areas of your life, then you believe you can overcome just about anything. I have seen this in my life and many of my client’s lives. I call this becoming “bullet proof”.

  • Becoming more of a desirable person: Learn the power of attraction and value through what psychologists call the pursuer/distancer relationship or partial re-enforcement. These principles can help you do things like attract a desirable partner, negotiate raises with your boss, make fun and caring friends, work through conflict and add the spark back into your relationship.


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